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“The best money I ever spent!

 Talk about an investment. This is for a lifetime!" 

Trish Bogdan

Heather Alice-Shea, Founder & CEO of Atmana Academy

"...I started out just wanting to lose weight, and now my goals have exceeded what I ever thought I could do. Jenn Fleischer, our fearless leader (and I do mean that), is full of fun energy that keeps you going even when you think you can’t go one more rep, and her wealth of health and fitness knowledge is amazing. MSF is my happy place! Thanks Jenn again for all of the opportunities you have given me to make me step out of my comfort zone and help me to thrive!"

Shannon Davis


"Jenn’s coaching and her continued support through Venice has helped me to value my body rather than a number on the scale. Food has become fuel for performance rather than my enemy and I’m finally beginning to see myself the way everyone else does.”

Lisa Dente

Ragda Deeb, Founder & Spiritual Alignment Coach

"In November of 2013 Jennifer introduced us all at MSF to Venice Nutrition and if I thought P90x changed my life, I didn’t know what I had coming! Holy cow, what a remarkable program. As a trainer and instructor, before Venice, I just thought I could work out more to counter poor eating. I worked out like a madwoman, and just wasn’t seeing results. Or restrict my calories to get results, only to gain it all back. Once I began Venice, I saw the light, halleluiah! I dropped a good 7 pounds and kept it strong there. Then we begin the 8 week run and my results have been fantastic. I have finally dropped that last 5 pounds. I reached my goal weight at around week 2 or 3 and have been able to keep it there. My body composition has changed and I feel lighter, less bloated, happier, more confident. And to me, that is what this is about…a happier, healthier person has come out of this."

Kate Flatt


The nutritional counseling from Jennifer Fleischer has taught me how to eat healthier and become healthier I no longer need to be on blood pressure medication! I’m now sharing this information with my parents helping them to become healthier too. My dad’s blood pressure medication dose has been cut in half and his blood sugar levels are much lower. My mom’s cholesterol dropped in a couple of weeks from 201 to 155! This could not have been done without having the support & motivation from Jenn.

Lori Skuropacki

"You hooked me  the first night you shared the Venice nutrition program with us as a group and it just made so much sense keeping your blood sugar stable. Now 6 months later, your enthusiasm has helped make this a way of life for me not just a ‘need to lose 10 pounds fast before I go on vacation’. You continually keep us challenged by supplying us with new programs, new receipes  and ideas so you can’t get bored eating the same meals over again. The MSF loves Venice group is also a strong supportive group that will help any new person over the hurdles when just starting out. Like any nutrition plan you need to be ready to make a difference to your life. The tools are there, you just need to make the plan work for you."

Melissa Seas

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