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"You are the predominant creative force in your life and can create a life you love" -- Jennifer

A peak behind the scenes with Jennifer Fleischer

I suffered many setbacks and traumas during my life that resulted in negative thought patterns, PTSD and unexplained physical pain.  My 20 year journey to heal taught me many things. Most importantly, I don't have to heal.  I wasn't broken or needed fixing.  I had to stop staying, "when I have this much money, I'll be happy" or "when I am this weight, I will be happy".  I just had to be in the right alignment and live my life in complete sync with my true choices and with the emotions that serve my goals.


That's when the magic started to happen. That's when ease and abundance flowed.  I stepped out of the cycle of survival and into the glorious world of creation.  Sure the unknown is scary.  Sure there was resistance from inside and outside of my body.  However, that river of change is where the awe of life is.  It's where the adventure  is.  It's where the unimaginable growth is.  That's where I learned ancient and modern techniques to help myself and others do the same.  This is where you learn to stand in your life force power. This is wayyyy more than manifestation and wayyyy more powerful than mindset.  This is truly the key to the lock of vitality, purpose, love and the power of creation.


I quickly realized that THIS was the missing piece to my business too! As a certified Nutritionist with a successful practice I knew something was off. I was helping people reduce inflammation, improve body composition and get their hormones humming again but it was all short term. I felt like a fraud. I knew that the core of my clients' negative eating and daily habits was something much deeper. That they were hungry for something other than food.  That they (and me) were denying the most important aspects of existence and that we can expose those deeper needs and wants through our thoughts and beliefs around food and life. In more ways than one, my gut was telling me that I had to incorporate conscious human transformation into my program FIRST so that my clients can make lasting life changes and step into their true identity once and for all. I found nutrition to be the doorway of exploration and the exit to a life of wellness and wealth freedom. Now that I was armed with the knowledge of creation and the leading nutrition platform, I created the WILDLY POWERFUL platform.


Therefore, to keep your life humming in all levels of consciousness and in complete wellbeing, all of the WILDLY POWERFUL programs come with an enlightened energetic lifestyle plan including an optimizing nutrition guide.  


I can't wait to share with you the processes, help you discover your true purpose, teach you how to develop more intuition, light your way to optimal wellbeing and provide tools that will help you take the next action step in life so that you can find freedom, true peace, become the predominant creative force in your life and create a life you love.  

Much Love, Jennifer

Jennifer is crazily, happily married to her middle school boyfriend and has two children. She currently lives in Florida with her family and her two dogs...FLO and RYDER.



  • BSBA Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ

  • American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

  • IBNFC Board Certified Nutritionist​

  • Certified Atmana Intuitive Life Coach

  • Certified Magnetic Mind Coach

  • CBD Educator

  • Certified RealRyder Indoor Cycling Instructor

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Lighting the way toward optimal wellbeing through conscious creation and nutrition

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