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Nitro Nutrition is a global movement of wellness enthusiasts who are poised to support the world with a complete and simple SYSTEM for optimal health and to provide wellness pros and facilities with a plug-n-play platform to grow their businesses and serve their clients.

Nitro Nutrition is the culmination of 25 years of work by one of the world's leading nutrition & fitness experts, Mark Macdonald.  Mark is a #1 best-selling author, television personality, international speaker, and entrepreneur who has coached celebrities, athletes, executives, and busy moms and dads (like us!) on how to improve their health and fitness with science-based nutrition and lifestyle strategies.  


He changed my life and many others with his book, "Body Confidence". Now millions of people have been able to improve their health because of Mark's programs.  


To know Mark is to know giant hugs, passion beyond belief, sage wellness wisdom, a family-focused lifestyle and his ability to improve anyone's health.  Nitro Nutrition is a total game changer and will positively impact the masses.

As a board certified nutritionist, personal trainer, human transformation coach and a colleague of Marks for over a decade, I am honored to bring this proven, complete nutrition program, an innovative supplement system and a world-class support community to YOU! 

What sets this program apart? The simplicity of a product and food SYSTEM, the PROVEN plan, the NITRO EFFECT and the family of heart-led EXPERTS leading the support community.


The unique nitro effect is an experience in your body that enables a healthy inflammatory response, promotes circulation, naturally balances blood sugar, optimizes digestion, and supports collagen resilience—all to empower you to understand your nutrition and fitness so you can live your greatest health! The powerful synergy of this plan is the first of its kind and will lead the industry into the future.

The Nitro Nutrition health adventure begins with this 21-Day Reset, followed by a Monthly Accelerate plan so you will learn an entire wellness lifestyle to have forever and to share with your family.

So let's make YOUR health a priority and get rolling!!!

Not sure yet? No problem. Email to access the FREE Nitro Nutrition Facebook group and learn at your pace and/or schedule a private 15min consult with Jennifer Fleischer to personalize your nutrition experience.
Let's get your body humming!!

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